What Does Courtside Do?
Courtside Ministries began in Colorado Springs as a ministry of Christian Legal Society and in following the Colorado Springs model, forged alliances with area churches and related ministries has been a vital key to Courtside Ministries Chicago’s impact.

Courtside reaches out to the people of Chicago by:

  • Praying for people as they enter the courts
  • Sharing Bibles and biblical resources that relate specifically to their situations
  • Referring people to human services organizations (homeless shelters, food banks, legal aid, counseling, and local churches)
  • Conducting follow up contact with any person who needs further help.

See What God Is Doing In Chicago:
Based on the harvest it has already produced, we firmly believe that God is moving powerfully in this ministry, and that it why it is our desire as a CLS local chapter is to see this ministry to grow to serve more people on more days and in front of more courthouses in the Chicagoland area.  To see this happen, we need to raise the funds necessary to support it and specifically to support our CM-Chicago ministry director Mike Kienapple. Mike is a former pastor and business executive who has embraced CM wholeheartedly, leading the weekly Courtside sessions and coordinating with many other ministry leaders, churches, and volunteers throughout the Chicagoland area. Visit the Courtside Chicago homepage for ministry updates and testimonies!

On May 22, 2013, come hear the powerful testimonies of what God is doing here in front of the courts of Chicago and how you may be able to help this vision come to fruition.  Please feel free to bring a friend or two, and please prayerfully consider how you can support this great new ministry through prayer, a once-time donation, or regular support through a pledge for monthly support.

Legal Influence:
Attorneys and judges are professionally placed to shepherd roughly 30 million people through America’s courts each year.  But while the tools of their trade can bring resolution to specific legal problems, they are rarely able to reach and fix the brokenness from which the legal problems so often flow.  Is it not your experience that a broken heart is often the root cause of the broken homes, broken business relationships, and broken laws that we are left to remedy as attorneys and judges?  Is it not also your experience that people involved in the legal system are typically afraid, angry, frustrated by the system, and/or spiritually destitute?

As Christian legal professionals we may lament the brokenness of our system and the world in which we live, but we are not to lament as those who have no hope but as those whose hope is in Jesus.   Courtside Ministries is a ministry devoted to putting that hope into action.  This is not just for lawyers!  Courtside Ministries is for anyone and everyone who has a heart to build God’s Kingdom through helping people on their way to and from court. Visit the Courtside Chicago homepage to learn more about your local courthouse ministry.