Greetings From Colorado Springs

During my 30 years of practicing law, I’ve literally seen a sea of broken human lives flow through courtrooms around the country.

Every day thousands of people face legal problems stemming from addictions, broken relationships, financial crisis and criminal activities.  But these issues are not the disease.  Instead, they are symptoms of an eternally greater issue called sin.

But there is hope for anyone facing this kind of crisis.  Jesus Christ offers every person a life free from bondage to sin and filled with hope.

That’s why Courtside Ministries exists—to offer the hope of Jesus Christ to anyone facing the fear, frustration and uncertainty of the courtroom.

If you need help, we encourage you to review our many resources to find the help you need.  If you don’t see what you need online, please contact us at (Chicago) or (Colorado Springs).

If you are a follower of Christ and you want to share His love with those facing desperation, we encourage you to join us through your prayers, time and generous gifts.

It’s time to take the hope and wisdom of Jesus Christ back to the court house!

In Christ,
J. Tyler Makepeace
Founder and President
Courtside Ministries


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