Christian Legal Society- National & Local

We have local attorneys volunteer at our Courtside tables to offer prayer to those who visit with us.
These Godly professionals are upstanding individuals who believe in our mission and purpose.

We have strong support and connection to the Christian Legal Society since the founder of Courtside,
Tyler Makepeace, was an attorney himself! They are a superior organization dedicated to influencing
the justice system for good.

Contact us via e-mail or phone and tell us what city you live in. We will gladly put you in contact with
one of our partnering attorneys to assist you. You may also visit the Christian Legal Society website
or LinkedIn page.

We also have connections to many support services in Colorado Springs and Chicago areas.
View these organizations here.



View some of our attorney testimonials from Facebook:

I was on trial in the DuPage County Circuit Court building. I was hoping I would see Courtside present in front of the courthouse so I could visit. When I arrived I went to the table and introduced myself. I was able to pray with and for the three volunteers. It was wonderful to start the morning praying with them outside the courthouse before my court appearance.

Our trial involved the ticketing of my client for street preaching, and it was obvious to the judge that my client loved Jesus. Shortly after the trial ended, sometime after 5 p.m., the judge asked my client whether he was familiar with the “people out in front of the courthouse”. The reference to CM was obvious. My client hadn’t noticed them when he arrived. But of course I had.

The judge had just ruled against us in the trial, so we were feeling down. But when the judge made reference to the CM volunteers it was clear to me that the Lord was using that to refresh and encourage me. I told the judge it was “Courtside Ministries” to whom he was making reference and that I was a chaplain in the ministry. It was wonderfully encouraging to realize—from the inside—that the judges were taking notice of CM’s presence. This is how courtrooms get changed and I was privileged to see it firsthand. God-willing this is taking place inside all the courthouses where we pray.

– Attorney Andy Norman, Mauck & Baker Chicago Law Firm


A lady attorney came to our table, asking for prayer for a case in which she was representing a client in a medical malpractice suit involving a new born baby.  She was really wrestling and distraught with the tension of representing her client well while at the same time trying not to destroy the doctor whom she believed had not done anything intentionally wrong or even with grave error. 

She was asking for God to help her both serve her client and honor God and her fellow man in what she was doing.  She said that she was greatly blessed by our prayers and, with weeping, thanked us and walked away with much peace and encouragement.

– Courtside Chicago Volunteer


A family received prayer from us, and when we asked some of its members how we could pray for them, they said that they needed a (criminal defense) attorney for some immediate legal advice.  We prayed, then picked up the phone, and called an attorney friend, who called them back immediately, and so they received the needed counsel in 10 minutes– just before they walked into court!

– Courtside Volunteer





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