The idea of unreached people groups usually brings to mind needy people in remote places.  But in the U.S. there is an unreached people group right in our own communities–people who are being impacted by the court system.

Every year, 30 million people are impacted by the legal system, many whom are facing financial, relational and spiritual ruin.  These people are loved by God and He wants each one to experience the redemption that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Courtside reaches them at their point of deepest need.

People embroiled in the legal system are perhaps the largest unreached people group in America representing a huge opportunity for ministry

Courtside Ministries was born out of a vision to reach people with the grace and love of Jesus at time when they are facing desperation and uncertainty.

People involved in the legal system are typically afraid, angry, frustrated and spiritually destitute.  Courtside exists to offer the love, peace and wisdom of Jesus Christ to anyone involved in the court system.

Courtside Ministries reaches out by praying for people as they enter the courts, sharing Bibles and biblical resources that relate specifically to their situations, referring people to human services organizations (homeless shelters, food banks, legal aid, counseling, and local churches) and conducting follow up contact with any person who needs further help.  We believe that ministry to people must be holistic, meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of every person with whom we have contact.


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